September 23, 2020


Robertson Strategic Asset Management (RSAM) has submitted a hybrid planning application to Preston City Council for a new residential development at Bartle, Preston.

The application, if approved, will see improved infrastructure and a new roundabout on the £230M Preston Western Distributor Road and outline planning for a residential development with circa 1,100 dwellings on a 46-hectare agricultural site which is bounded to the north by the M55.

Acting as site promotor to set the planning masterplan and ultimately site disposal, RSAM is working with the landowner, Tom Barron Pension Fund and their property advisers Eckersley in the delivery of the project.

Andy Taylorson at Eckersley confirms: “The proposed development of the new Bartle Village will see the introduction of a new sustainable community on the outskirts of Preston.  Robertson’s application, if approved, would support Preston and its City Deal initiative whilst also delivering a once-in-a-lifetime transformation of the area”.

“Central Lancashire has amongst the best rates of new job creation and will continue to attract investment and residents.  The new Bartle Village will deliver a much-needed boost to the availability of quality residential options whilst creating a new village which will add economic, social and environmental benefits to Preston as the city continues to grow.”

Bartle Village is set to provide a high-quality environment for residents and visitors and includes areas of open space and retain natural habitats for local wildlife.  With excellent connectivity provided via the proposed new road layout, it is anticipated that Bartle Village could be a catalyst to encourage further development and investment in the wider area of North West Preston.

Mark Longley, director, RSAM, commented: “It makes perfect sense to utilise the new Preston West Distributor Road and to enhance the highway network by coordinating appropriate land development to it”.

Bartle Village will transform the area into a thriving community with significant economic benefits for the wider region.  The development would be phased and will take place over a number of years, should planning permission be granted.  It will significantly improve the connectivity of Cottam, Ingol and Fulwood to the motorway network via the new motorway junction on the M55 and the Fylde Peninsula.

Commenting on the wider implication, Andy added “As Preston and Central Lancashire continue to grow and prosper it will be essential to meet the housing needs of the workforce particularly as the Enterprise Zones at Warton and Samlesbury continue to develop. By creating this new village.  Our clients and Robertsons are helping to facilitate that growth as it continues to attract new investment to the region”

As part of the proposal significant environmental improvements will be made to the landscape as well as introducing biodiversity enhancements and improving the overall visual appearance of the site.